descriptionWeb Tricorder - display device sensor data in Star Trek style!
ownerRobert Kaiser
last changeSun, 8 Feb 2015 22:23:42 +0000 (23:23 +0100)
2015-02-08 Robert Kaiserfix nits: break some long lines, correctly use 'a'... master production
2015-02-08 Robert Kaiserfix syntax for foundFlashCamera function
2014-11-14 Robert Kaisermake switch actually look good and work correctly
2014-11-14 Robert Kaiseractually make flashlight work and make switch look...
2014-11-13 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of linz:/srv/git/tricorder
2014-11-13 Robert Kaiseradd Environment module with light and proximity sensors...
2014-10-11 Robert Kaiseradd a comment about stardate rules
2014-09-21 Robert Kaiserecho the remove
2014-09-21 Robert Kaiserfix manifest
2014-09-21 Robert Kaiserresize canvas when app/window is being resized; add...
2014-09-14 Robert Kaisermake sure we only shut down the stream if we actually...
2014-09-14 Robert Kaiserdon't package appcache
2014-09-14 Robert Kaisertry adding a version into the manifest
2014-09-14 Robert Kaiseradjust TODO slightly
2014-09-14 Robert Kaiserimplement a sound module with a graphical display
2014-09-10 Robert Kaiseradjust Stardate slightly and add a comment for the...
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