fix a CSS error and slightly improve geolocation
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2013-01-27 Robert Kaisermake the apps link open externally
2012-12-10 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of linz:/srv/git/tricorder
2012-12-10 Robert Kaiserwe don't need a scale here
2012-12-08 Robert Kaiseradd a line for total acceleration, make geo display...
2012-12-08 Robert Kaiseradd pointers to possible sensors to the TODO, rename...
2012-11-25 Robert Kaiseradd a bit of spacing for readability
2012-11-25 Robert Kaiserimprove text
2012-11-25 Robert Kaiserfix typo
2012-11-25 Robert Kaiserimprove the test
2012-11-25 Robert Kaisermake sure we use unix line endings
2012-11-25 Robert Kaiserswitch to a better and still open font, account for...
2012-11-24 Robert Kaiserright-align the gravity numbers
2012-11-24 Robert Kaiseruse only the reasonable values, and display roudned...
2012-11-24 Robert Kaiserimplement position and gravity modules in a simple way
2012-11-24 Robert Kaisermake module switching work
2012-11-19 Robert Kaiseradd an initial version of tricorder app