descriptionLantea Maps web app - display maps and record (GPS) tracks
ownerRobert Kaiser
last changeFri, 29 Oct 2021 02:20:34 +0000 (04:20 +0200)
2021-10-29 Robert Kaiseradd arcgis world imagery master
2021-07-02 Robert Kaiseradd OpenTopoMap support production
2020-10-07 Robert Kaiserswitch to matomo domain as well
2020-10-07 Robert Kaiserswitch URL to matomo
2020-02-10 Robert Kaisermove some more vars into objects; allow panning around...
2020-02-10 Robert Kaisermake sure we actually stroke out the section when we...
2020-02-10 Robert Kaiserpaint tracks in rAF
2020-02-09 Robert Kaiserimprove calls to GL drawing, move some functions into...
2020-02-09 Robert Kaiseradd admin UI for loading tracks
2018-01-21 Robert Kaiserslight improvements for sizes on touch screens (support...
2018-01-21 Robert Kaisermake drawers work again on small screens, show a warnin...
2018-01-21 Robert Kaisershorten the update message
2018-01-21 Robert Kaiserbump appcache
2018-01-21 Robert Kaiserremove JS version stuff from scrit tags
2017-12-23 Robert Kaiserguarantee non-reentrant drawing, clean up variables...
2017-12-22 Robert Kaiseradd an indicator when login fails
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