update appCache
[lantea.git] / manifest.appcache
2016-09-04 Robert Kaiserupdate appCache
2016-03-26 Robert Kaiserprepare for OAuth support but don't enable it as actual...
2016-03-07 Robert Kaiserupdate appcache
2015-09-17 Robert Kaiserupdate appcache to pick up recent optimization
2015-09-09 Robert Kaiserupdate appcache manifest so latest changes actually...
2015-06-12 Robert Kaiserbump appcache
2015-06-07 Robert Kaisergive an optical hint that clicking the header closes... producution
2015-06-07 Robert Kaiseradd custom style for buttons, checkboxes and selects...
2015-06-06 Robert Kaiserswitch track and settings menus to drawers
2015-05-01 Robert Kaiserupdate appcache
2015-04-04 Robert Kaiserupdate appcache
2014-11-07 Robert Kaiserdo not count segment jumps in track length and duration
2014-11-03 Robert Kaiserlimit the length of track sections to paint at once...
2014-09-12 Robert Kaisertry saving power by only drawing when we are actually...
2014-08-18 Robert Kaiserbump appcache to pick up recent JS changes
2014-07-03 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of linz:/srv/git/lantea
2014-06-29 Robert KaiserTry to handle GL context losses
2014-05-23 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of linz:/srv/git/lantea
2014-05-14 Robert Kaiserbump appcache to pick up recent JS change
2014-04-08 Robert Kaiseradd user-scalable=no to viewport meta to try and preven...
2014-03-28 Robert Kaiserbump appcache if used
2014-03-23 Robert Kaisermake sure anything using appcache actually updates...
2014-01-02 Robert Kaiserremove the failed messages as well
2014-01-02 Robert Kaiserone more try at appcache bump
2014-01-02 Robert Kaiserbump app cache for recent change
2013-08-18 Robert Kaiserindependet var assignments
2013-08-18 Robert Kaiserno debug on prod, please
2013-08-18 Robert Kaiserfix setting of var
2013-08-18 Robert Kaisertry to fix upload error, make initial draw faster
2013-08-16 Robert Kaisertry supporting pinch zoom in a simple way
2013-07-07 Robert Kaisermerge changes with timeout change
2013-07-07 Robert Kaiserrestructure init to use event chaining
2013-05-26 Robert Kaisertry increasing init timeout
2013-04-18 Robert KaiserMake upload a smoother experience with some in-app...
2013-04-18 Robert Kaiserreally enable upload
2013-04-18 Robert Kaiseralways enable upload
2013-04-18 Robert Kaiserbump appcache
2013-03-22 Robert Kaiserbump appcache for recent changes
2012-12-30 Robert Kaiserupdate cached tiles if they're older than two weeks...
2012-12-17 Robert Kaiseradd action throbber to appcache
2012-12-17 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of github.com:KaiRo-at/lantea
2012-12-17 Robert Kaiserbump appcache
2012-11-09 Robert Kaiseradd explicit NETWORK section to manifest again, don...
2012-11-06 Robert Kaiserdo more correct indexedDB access
2012-11-05 Robert Kaiserimproved debug message
2012-11-05 Robert Kaisermove track to its own canvas, make painting current...
2012-10-07 Robert Kaiserzero change to appcache to get installations to update
2012-09-14 Robert Kaiserumm, appcache manifest shouldn't have been removed
2012-09-14 Robert Kaiserhide UI when it's not needed
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiseradd icons, loading image and make mouse zooming keep...
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiseradd actual maps to Lantea
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiseradd lantea and mandelbrot apps