add a comment about crashing with drawing a blob
[lantea.git] / js / ui.js
2012-12-14 Robert Kaisersome steps to make tile cache in indexedDB work - tiles...
2012-11-06 Robert Kaiserdo more correct indexedDB access
2012-11-05 Robert Kaiserimproved debug message
2012-11-05 Robert Kaisermove track to its own canvas, make painting current...
2012-10-23 Robert Kaisermake check for Firefox OS even nicer
2012-10-22 Robert Kaiserhide Dump again, hide Save on Firefox OS
2012-10-07 Robert Kaisersupport full screen mode
2012-09-14 Robert Kaiserhide UI when it's not needed
2012-09-14 Robert Kaisernumeric transaction modes are deprecated
2012-01-20 Robert Kaiserimprove debugging, make geofake do dmaller tracks,...
2012-01-19 Robert Kaiserrelicense lantea and mandelbrot to MPL2
2011-12-27 Robert Kaiserpersist prefs
2011-12-27 Robert Kaiseradd support for persistent data via indexedDB, persist...
2011-12-19 Robert Kaisercreate hackish way to save GPX tracks and make the...
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiseradd tracking
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiseradd zooming and map style selection
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiseradd actual maps to Lantea