remove the failed messages as well
[lantea.git] / TODO
2013-08-16 Robert Kaiseracknowledge that we now do pinch zoom
2013-07-25 Robert Kaiserupdate TODO list
2012-12-30 Robert Kaiserupdate cached tiles if they're older than two weeks...
2012-12-17 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of
2012-12-16 Robert Kaiserdisplay actions, adjust mapquest open arial URLs, don...
2012-12-15 Robert Kaiseroptimize panning, and some cleanup
2012-10-07 Robert Kaisersupport full screen mode
2012-10-02 Robert KaiserAdd some TODO entries
2012-09-28 Robert Kaiseradd a TODO list so people know what they can help with