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1Tasks to complete for Lantea Maps:
5* Improve tile cache:
6** If cached tiles have changed, possibly also try (async) updates of other cached zoom levels covering this area
7** Pre-cache tiles in adjacent areas and possibly zoom levels
8* Improve texture cleaning algorithm
9* Show a notification when we are loading tiles or saved data
10* Display movement speed
11* Display location accuracy
12* Show a better visible marker for the current location, possibly also indicating movement direction/speed
13* Smooth animations for zooming, probably using some WebGL magic
14* Use available larger/smaller tiles with resizing as loading placeholders while zooming in/out
15* Find better UI for track length/duration display
16* Better GPX saving implementation [blocked by missing web APIs]
17** Set file name to save into to a good default (date + maybe some location name)
19Nice To Have:
21* Possibility to auto-rotate map to match movement direction
22* GPS details display (satellite visibility/strength) [blocked by missing web APIs]
23* Magnetic compass display (using orientiation API)
24* Integrate reverse geocoding, using
25 e.g.
27Future Possibilities:
29* Routing / Turn-by-turn navigation
30* POI display
31* Search address
32* Mark a target location and show distance to it