keeping up with Classic trunk
[themes.git] / EarlyBlue /
2002-08-19 robertkeeping up with Classic trunk
2002-08-01 robertkeeping up with Classic development
2002-06-21 robertchanging to 1.0 version number LCARStrek10
2002-06-21 robertsome small twaeks to get 1.0 being really good
2002-06-21 robertkeeping up with classic trunk changes, resizing tab...
2002-05-20 robertlast changes for RC2 EarlyBlue10rc2
2002-04-27 robertsome nitpicking changes to finalize EarlyBlue 0.9
2002-04-24 robertkeeping up with Classic, making textboxes size and...
2002-04-05 roberthideheader was missing, that was the real problem in...
2002-04-04 robertadding chatzilla, adding menu icons for components...
2002-03-30 robertsome fallout of LCARStrek changes
2002-03-30 robertbig tree->listbox/outliner; outliner-> update
2002-03-27 robertkeeping up with classic and new features
2002-03-22 robertremove forms stuff, all of mozilla relies on this via...
2002-03-21 robertoops, forgot an image; some beauty corrections
2002-03-21 robertkeeping up with classic; make labels do better & clean...
2002-03-13 roberttweak EarlyBlue full screen support a bit
2002-03-13 robertkeep up with current classic developement, make full...
2002-03-13 robertkeep up with current classic developement, make full...
2002-03-06 robertSome updates of the last days, following classic develo...
2002-02-20 robertupdate EarlyBlue to recent changes
2002-02-20 robertupdate EarlyBlue to recent changes
2002-02-14 robertnews changes from classic
2002-02-14 robertsome updates from the last month
2002-02-13 robertsome small updates got to know during LCARStrek work
2002-01-25 robert*** empty log message ***
2002-01-25 robert*** empty log message ***
2002-01-25 robertadding some new changes (news offline images, page...
2002-01-24 robertanother small cleanup change
2002-01-24 robertupdating EarlyBlue skin; should almost be 0.8 now ;-)
2002-01-24 robertupdating EarlyBlue skin; should almost be 0.8 now ;-)
2001-12-10 robertremoving useless directories, moving contents.rdf and... EarlyBlue07
2001-12-06 robertfixing crasher with resource bindings
2001-11-21 robertcosmetic changes
2001-11-13 robertcleaning up compose window a bit
2001-11-13 robertadding 16x16 bookmarkitem image + use it for tabbrowser
2001-11-13 robertsmall correction of favicon display
2001-11-10 robertsite icons, messenger cleanup
2001-11-09 robertoops, I missed those
2001-11-09 robertadding namespaces and license headers to all CSS files
2001-11-05 robertupdating EarlyBlue for recent XUL changes
2001-11-01 robertsome nice smaqll fixes
2001-11-01 robertsome nice smaqll fixes
2001-10-30 robertsome small changes, live happy ;-)
2001-10-26 robertfurther cleanup
2001-10-19 robertcleanup
2001-10-19 robertadding new EarlyBlue skin, cleanup remains
2001-10-19 robertremoving old EarlyBlue skin
2001-09-04 robertadding images for last EarlyBlue changes
2001-09-04 robertkeep EarlyBlue in sync with tree - mailnews CSS split
2001-08-19 robertaccomodate recent XUL 1.0 changes
2001-07-11 robertpreparing next release LCARStrek05
2001-07-11 robertfixing last BugZilla bugs (bug 83) for next...
2001-07-07 robertmake left menuitem margins consistent again (copied...
2001-07-07 robertmaking tabbox widget work again, fixing crasher
2001-05-23 robertcoloring statusbar like taskbar was previously
2001-05-21 robertmaking attachment pane size correctly
2001-05-16 robertsome additional changes to make it look _really_ good...
2001-05-16 robertbug 77 css scoping - making skin work again
2001-05-10 robertmake ready for 0.5 release (designed for Mozilla 0.9) EarlyBlue05
2001-05-03 robertadd basic support for new autocomplete
2001-04-27 robertsome errors that I did see when working on LCARStrek
2001-04-16 roberttrying to fit in menubuttons better
2001-04-12 robertkeep up with chrome versioning and losing toolbar class...
2001-04-05 robertkeep in sync with bonsai
2001-04-05 roberttooltips again, this fix is better (id instead of stran...
2001-04-05 robertre-fixing tooltips in all of the app, hopefully
2001-04-04 robertfixing some mail problems and make mail headers look...
2001-04-04 robertfixing skin bustage because of scrollbar changes
2001-03-21 robertmaking tooltips smaller
2001-03-20 robertcorrecting some color values from #CCCCDD to #CCD0DD
2001-03-20 robertcorrecting crash in addressbook card edit
2001-03-20 robertcorrecting home button hover style
2001-03-20 robertcorrecting toolbar error introduced with new communicat...
2001-03-20 robertchanges to enable outliner! whoo-hoo!
2001-03-20 robertfixes for new styles, esp. hbox/vbox
2001-03-13 robertmake urlbar work again after it changed from box to...
2001-03-12 robertupdating bookmarks component so that skin is working...
2001-02-26 robertadding/improving drag&drop highlighting on trees and... LCARStrek03
2001-02-19 robertupdating for bug 50 workaround and small other...
2001-02-05 robertmessage central for both skins
2001-02-03 robertlast adoptions to version numbers and preview so that...
2001-02-03 robertfixing some smaller issues with scollbar highlighting...
2001-02-03 robertresolving bugs 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36 (both skins)
2001-02-01 robertimages for mark button
2001-02-01 robertbugs 28, 30, and partly fix for 29 -- all EarlyBlue...
2001-02-01 robertInitial revision