2006-02-24 robertadd FOSDEM 2006 slides
2005-03-01 robertfix Lynggaard's name
2005-02-25 robertsort team members alphabetically, fix typo
2005-02-25 robertsome last changes, I hope
2005-02-24 robertadd a line for checkout env var
2005-02-24 robertadd a first version of FOSDEM 2005 slides
2004-03-18 robertmake slides links work also when called without trailing /
2004-02-27 robertsome late slide changes
2004-02-20 robertnon-px-font-size CSS for fosdem2004 slides
2004-02-20 robertmake fosdem2004 slides even better
2004-02-20 robertcorrect index files (again)
2004-02-20 robertcorrect fosdem2004 slides a bit
2004-02-20 robertcorrect index pages, disable wrapping for slides
2004-02-20 robertadding slides page and the slides themselves