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6 <title>SeaMonkey 2 &amp; The Vision Beyond - Vision: Integration</title>
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28<h1>SeaMonkey Vision: Integration</h1>
30<div class="simplebox">
32 <li>Strengthen and <span class="hilite">improve integration</span> of the
33 core SeaMonkey components with each other, as well as with optional
34 components and add-ons
35 <ul>
36 <li>Despite the software having a technical split into components,
37 SeaMonkey should feel as a <span class="hilite">single
38 application</span> with tightly connected features.</li>
39 <li>Browsing and messaging are the primary parts that need to be tightly
40 connected, but optional components/add-ons like web tools, calendaring
41 and others should also feel like they are an
42 <span class="hilite">integral part</span> of the application once they
43 are installed.</li>
5bfe14de 44 <li>We should investigate an <span class="hilite">"everything can be a
cc144c07 45 tab" metaphor</span> that spans not just websites in the browser, but
46 messages/conversations, application parts (preferences?) and anything
47 else that sounds reasonable, possibly all running within a single
48 SeaMonkey window.</li>
49 <li>The user experience should be <span class="hilite">consistent</span>
50 in all parts of the SeaMonkey application, including a set of
51 preferences that affects all those components at once.</li>
52 </ul>
53 </li>