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6 <title>SeaMonkey Project Overview - FOSDEM 2006</title>
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18<h1>SeaMonkey Project Overview</h1>
20<div class="sample">
21<p class="sampledesc">SeaMonkey Council</p>
22<div class="samplecontent">
24 <li>responsible for project and release mangement</li>
25 <li>can be contacted via <a href=""></a></li>
28 <li><b>Christian Biesinger (biesi)</b>
29 <ul>
30 <li>has been working on Mozilla for a few years</li>
31 <li>mostly works in Gecko code, also does UI patches occasionally</li>
32 <li>wrote a first plan to make Seamonkey use the "new toolkit"</li>
33 </ul>
34 </li>
35 <li><b>Robert Kaiser (KaiRo)</b>
36 <ul>
37 <li>head of MLP staff (Mozilla Localization Project)</li>
38 <li>German SeaMonkey localizer since late 1999 (M11/M12)</li>
39 <li>doing EarlyBlue and LCARStrek themes</li>
40 <li>some work on L10n- and theming-related stuff</li>
41 <li>caring a lot about project management</li>
42 <li>maintaining SeaMonkey branch release tinderbox machines</li>
43 </ul>
44 </li>
45 <li><b>Ian Neal (IanN)</b>
46 <ul>
47 <li>work on <span class="hilite">XUL/JS stuff</span> (mainly UI, some backend)</li>
48 <li>little bit of simple C++ stuff</li>
49 <li>peer reviews on help</li>
50 <li>actively involved in SeaMonkey development for about two years</li>
51 </ul>
52 </li>
53 <li><b>Neil Rashbrook (Neil)</b>
54 <ul>
55 <li>module owner of XPFE (most of the SeaMonkey-specific code)</li>
56 <li><span class="hilite">super-reviewer</span>, focussed on XPFE and MailNews</li>
57 <li>very involved in all SeaMonkey related development for years</li>
58 <li>official owner of SeaMonkey code (suite/ module in CVS)</li>
59 </ul>
60 </li>
61 <li><b>Christopher Thomas (CTho)</b>
62 <ul>
63 <li>Mozilla user for about 3 years</li>
64 <li>started as developer about a year and a half ago</li>
65 <li>interests mostly in Mozilla frontend</li>
66 <li>experienced with JS and C++</li>
67 <li>very active in organizing the new SeaMonkey group</li>
68 <li><span class="hilite">release engineer</span> for SeaMonkey</li>
69 </ul>
70 </li>
75<div class="sample">
76<p class="sampledesc">Developer Community</p>
77<div class="samplecontent">
79 <li>division into
80 <a href="">project
81 areas</a></li>
82 <li><span class="hilite">help wanted</span>: need some owners, more peers in
83 that list</li>
84 <li>second super-reviewer in the team: <span class="hilite">Peter Annema
85 (jag)</span></li>