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6 <title>SeaMonkey: The "Big Bang"</title>
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18<h1>The "Big Bang"</h1>
20<div class="explanation">
21<ul class="timeline">
22 <li><b>March 2005</b>:
23 <ul>
24 <li>IRC and news discussions had led to staff discussing the suite's
25 future, and get stirred up even more due to
26 <a href="">recent
27 staff meeting minutes</a> that make clear that Mozilla Foundation wants to cease
28 suite development, some developers don't like that</li>
29 <li>March 10, 10am PST:
30 <ul>
31 <li>After discussion with some strong supporters on IRC, Boris Zbarsky ("bz")
32 posts an <a href="">open
33 letter to staff</a></li>
34 <li>"We are assuming that the Mozilla Foundation does not in fact plan to
35 have a Mozilla Suite release based on Gecko 1.8"</li>
36 <li>"In brief, we <span class="hilite">propose a development model similar
37 to that which Camino has</span> right now."</li>
38 <li>"Any release based on this development effort [...] is not branded as
39 the "Mozilla Suite"."</li>
40 </ul>
41 <li>March 10 - almost 1pm PST (!):
42 <ul>
43 <li><a href="">Transition
44 plan</a> published by</li>
45 <li>Mozilla 1.7.x "will be the last set of Seamonkey products released and
46 maintained by the Mozilla Foundation"</li>
47 <li>"The Mozilla Foundation will provide infrastructure support [...] for
48 community members who wish to continue to develop Seamonkey."</li>
49 <li>Pointing to bz's letter: "<span class="hilite">We support this plan</span>
50 and will work with interested parties to figure out strategy."</li>
51 <li>"The dedication to the product, the initiative of the developers and
52 the proposal of the transition plan as a solution are all hallmarks of
53 the Mozilla community. We support this effort completely."</li>
54 <li>While press and public see the end of Mozilla suite as main point,
55 the core SeaMonkey developer community sees support for new project
56 as the most important message</li>
57 </ul>
58 </li>
59 <li>Following weeks:
60 <ul>
61 <li>signers of bz's letter and other supporters work together, mainly on
62 IRC, to organize the new project and get it
63 started</li>
64 <li><span class="hilite">Neil, biesi, IanN, CTho and KaiRo</span>
65 agree to take part in the new project's steering comitee, later dubbed the
66 "<span class="hilite"><a href="">SeaMonkey
67 Council</a></span>".</li>
68 </ul>
69 </li>
70 </ul>
71 </li>
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