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6 <title>L10n talk - FOSDEM 2005 - Mozilla Meeting</title>
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19<h1>The Year Of Change</h1>
21<div class="explanation">
22A year ago, we saw hope that L10n will get a bit more focus from staff (but not a lot of action happening yet),
23MLP staff was more or less deserted (one member left who was hardly available), Firefox was quite new, Mozilla Europe even more.
24<br>Within a year, lots of things changed:
26 <li><b>February 2004</b>: <a href="">Mozilla Europe</a> launched,
27 having a <span class="hilite">multi-language web site</span> and promising to help L10n efforts.</li>
28 <li><b>March 2004</b>: Mozilla Europe offered to build up automated build systems for localized Mozilla installers.</li>
29 <li><b>April 2004</b>: Andrea, the last, not very responsive guy to upload builds to, asked me to join MLP staff.
30 All attempts to do so failed though (mail server config problem).
31 BTW, that was the last time we heard of Andrea.</li>
32 <li><b>June 2004</b>: Mozilla Foundation organized a first IRC meeting for localizers.</li>
33 <li><b>June 2004</b>: Benjamin Smedberg started to work on getting Firefox (branch) L10n into some good order and CVS-based.</li>
34 <li><b>July 2004</b>: After Andrea had been gone entirely, I got FTP staging and website CVS access at the end of the month.
35 Uploading of localized builds to did start again, after we didn't have any new builds there for a while.</li>
36 <li><b>August 2004</b>: I opened a bug report requesting for volunteers for re-grouping MLP staff.
37 did agree to our plans of regrouping that team and some people did actually volunteer.
38 We started talking of what responsibilites who wants to take and who will get the team leader.
39 At the end of the month, I actually got into list after myk investigated the server problems.</li>
40 <li><b>August 2004</b>: Localization Trademark policies for Firefox and Thunderbird were worked on, including input from Mozilla Europe and me.</li>
41 <li><b>September 2004</b>: Benjamin got L10n CVS set up at a new CVSROOT, creating of accounts started.</li>
42 <li><b>September 2004</b>: The new MLP staff team got into shape, the members agreed that I should lead the team.
43 Slowly, over the next months, people got the accounts (staging, website CVS) they need for their tasks and started working in those areas.</li>
44 <li><b>September 2004</b>: Localization Trademark policies got finished and published.</li>
45 <li><b>September 2004</b>: At the end of the month, we started regular L10n phone meetings with focus on FF/TB 1.0 releases.</li>
46 <li><b>October 2004</b>: The automated build process for Firefox was heavily being worked on and took on more and more shape,
47 Mozilla Europe offered to host international pages (those linked of the FF start page) for all over the world (registering for that),
48 snippets for those start pages were invented to make the (at this point confidential) google start pages possible.</li>
49 <li><b>November 2004</b>: In the beginning of the month, we got our hands full with localized pages coming in to be hosted by Mozilla Europe,
50 getting start page snippets into the tree, and localizations ready for shipping (e.g. signing off by trademark policy).
51 Firefox 1.0 was released simultaneously in 15 languages with more to follow (rising to 28 until January).</li>
52 <li><b>December 2004</b>: In another big effort, we managed to get Thunderbird released in 12 languages, with some following shortly afterwards.
53 As a CVS-based approach wasn't available, all builds made by volunteers had to be tested and signed off at MF by Asa/Sarah/Chase.</li>
54 <li><b>December 2004</b>: MLP staff started monthly IRC meetings.</li>
55 <li><b>January 2005</b>: The L10n team registration process was revamped to use Bugzilla instead of mails.</li>
56 <li><b>January 2005</b>: Zbigniew Braniecki (gandalf), who did lots of approvals for L10n checkins, was inveited to phone meetings evolving around 1.1 releases.
57 He started to work on getting trunk ready for using "source L10n", the new CVS-based approach.</li>
58 <li><b>February 2005</b>: Firefox trunk localization is getting to work, gandalf is working on getting it to work for Thunderbird next.</li>
59 <li><b>February 2005</b>: Firefox 1.0.1 should get released in 40 languages simulaneously.</li>
60 <li><b>February 2005</b>: Ideas for restructuring of MLP web pages are taking shape, the mess should get cleaned up soon.</li>
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