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6 <title>L10n talk - FOSDEM 2003 - Mozilla Meeting</title>
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15<h1>Common terms used in Mozilla L10n (glossary)</h1>
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18A rough list of special terms that will be used here and/or are commonly used in the L10n area:
20 <li><b>L10n</b>: Localization (an "L", followed by 10 characters, then an "n"): Customizing Software for a specific local area (mainly translation)</li>
21 <li><b>i18n</b>: Internationalization (an "i", followed by 18 characters, then an "n"): Making Software internationally useable (e.g. support input with Asian keyboards etc.)</li>
22 <li><b>L12y</b>: Localizability (available as a keyword, added for bugs that block L10n of some feature)</li>
23 <li><b>locale</b>: a set/package of locally customized items (e.g. a "language pack")</li>
24 <li><b>theme</b>: In Mozilla terms, a theme is a set of CSS files and images (perhaps even some XBL), sometimes also called "skin"</li>
25 <li><b>XUL</b>: "XML User interface Language" (pronounced "zool"), an XML dialect used by Mozilla to describe its UI (User Interface)</li>
26 <li><b>XPI</b>: "X(cross)-Platform install": cross-platform file format for installation of projects within the Mozilla framework. The XPI file is a zip-format file that contains a JavaScript installation script (install.js)</li>
27 <li><b>JAR</b>: This file type that originates from "Java Archive Resources" is a compressed format used for Mozilla's chrome. It's basically a zip format file, containing chrome files and RDF files that describe the content and can be fed into chrome registry (contents.rdf).</li>
29Terms like XML, XML entity, DTD, URI, etc. should be known by most people attending this talk, I think...