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6 <title>L10n talk - FOSDEM 2004 - Mozilla Meeting</title>
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19<h1>Mozilla Localization (L10n) Status Update</h1>
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22Localization seems to get a more important topic in Mozilla development.
23<br>I'll give an update about
25 <li>what the MLP is,</li>
26 <li>what has happened in the last year in this area,</li>
27 <li>where we are now (using the German project as an example),</li>
28 <li>and where are the problems for L10n currently / where we'd need help from other developers.</li>
30I hope there will be enough time left for discussion of this between slides and after the presentation.
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34<p class="sampledesc">Speaker: Robert Kaiser &lt;;</p>
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37 <li>Living in Steyr, Upper Austria, and attending Vienna University to become a Chemistry and Physics teacher</li>
38 <li>Known as "KaiRo" on IRC</li>
39 <li>Maintainer of the Mozilla German Project (<a href=""></a>,
40 sometimes called "German (Austria)" because of it's internal name of "de-AT")
41 since late 1999, first German Mozilla version was M12, released at 2000-01-01.
42 Counting Download numbers of, Mozilla German seems to be the most-used Mozilla Localization.</li>
43 <li>Creator of EarlyBlue and LCARStrek themes</li>
44 <li>Contributing some smaller things to main Mozilla trunk, like
45 resolving breakage of language switching pref panel, localeVersion updates (and automating them),
46 making about:plugins themable ("make it look better") and localizable - recently even breaking tinderboxen...</li>
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52<p class="sampledesc">The slides</p>
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54This presentation was created for the <a href="">European Mozilla Developer Meeting 2004</a> at
55<a href="">FOSDEM</a> in Brussels.
56<br>The slides for this talk are written in HTML 4.01 Strict and CSS.
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59<br>An <a href="l10ntalk_overview.html">overview page</a> that allows access of all slides without the navigation bar
60is available, as well an a <a href="l10ntalk_glossary.html">glossary page</a> explaining some common terms used.</b>
f79a4c37 61<br>If you want to look through them later, see <a href=""></a>.
3288eeda 62<br>All slides and images &copy; 02/2004 Robert Kaiser.
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