actually make filepicker work for saving the image
[mandelbrot.git] / xulapp / chrome /
2008-09-07 Robert Kaiseractually make filepicker work for saving the image
2008-09-02 Robert Kaiseradd patch by prefiks pointed out in
2008-08-23 Robert Kaiseradd MPL/GPL/LGPL tri-license to all files
2008-08-23 Robert Kaisermake UI prefs actually work, add menus for debug option...
2008-08-20 Robert Kaiseradd not-yet-working prefs menu
2008-08-19 Robert Kaiseruse let wherever possible in our code
2008-08-19 Robert Kaiseruse vastly more efficiant but less beautiful code for...
2008-08-15 Robert Kaiserinit the git repo with an intial working state of the...