move more variables to
[mandelbrot.git] /
2013-03-22 Robert Kaisermove more variables to
2013-03-09 Robert Kaisermake stuff build with the new stuff for now
2011-12-22 Robert Kaiserdeclare compat with Gecko 12 versions
2011-10-30 Robert Kaiserremove any global prefs the add-on sets, remove another...
2011-10-15 Robert Kaiserintroduce touch events (or try that), start refactoring...
2011-01-15 Robert Kaisermake Mandelbrot work nicely inside a tab in Fennec...
2010-05-29 Robert Kaiserreally make mandelbrot ready for add-on release
2010-05-27 Robert Kaisermake mandelbrot build and roughly work as an extension