prepare for 1.8a release
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2004-07-08 robertupdate with classic theme development, keep about:plugi...
2003-10-13 robertupdating firebird support to trunk, adding missed files
2003-10-06 robertlatest updates from Classic, development, working towar...
2003-07-30 robertkeep up with EarlyBlue/Classic; bump skinVersion to...
2003-06-01 robertkeep up with Classic / EarlyBlue
2003-04-18 robertkeeping up with Classic and EarlyBlue development,...
2003-02-01 robertkeeping up with Classic development, e.g. adding im...
2002-11-01 robertkeeping up with classic development
2002-06-21 robertkeeping up with classic trunk and EarlyBlue
2002-03-30 robertbig tree->listbox/outliner; outliner-> update
2002-03-28 robertkeeping up with classic and new feature work
2002-02-20 robertupdate LCARStrek to recent changes
2002-02-14 robertpart of big rewrite, remove unused directories
2002-02-14 robertrewrite of LCARStrek for 0.9.8(+): big moving around...
2001-12-10 robertadding files again in right directories
2001-10-26 robertremoving old LCARStrek
2001-08-18 robertaccomodate recent XUL 1.0 changes
2001-05-10 robertmake ready for 0.4 release (designed for Mozilla 0.9) LCARStrek04
2001-02-01 robertInitial revision