update LCARStrek to 2.0a1, part 4: mozapps, navigator
[themes.git] / LCARStrek / communicator / sidebar / sidebar.css
2003-02-01 robertkeeping up with Classic development, e.g. adding im...
2002-06-21 robertkeeping up with classic trunk and EarlyBlue
2002-05-20 robertlast changes for RC2 EarlyBlue10rc2
2002-04-27 robertsome nitpicking changes to finalize LCARStrek 0.8
2002-04-24 robertkeeping up with Classic, making textboxes size and...
2002-02-20 robertupdate LCARStrek to recent changes
2002-02-14 robertrewrite of LCARStrek for 0.9.8(+): big moving around...
2001-12-10 robertadding files again in right directories