another round of slight improvements for LCARStrek 2.0a1
[themes.git] / LCARStrek / communicator / communicator.css
2008-10-16 Robert Kaiserimprove 2.0a1-updated LCARStrek
2008-10-16 Robert Kaiserbring LCARStrek up to SeaMonkey 2.0a1, part 1
2007-01-12 robertkeep up with trunk development origin
2006-10-08 robertupdate LCARStrek to trunk
2006-10-08 robertsync trunk and branch
2006-01-28 robertsync with EarlyBlue development and prepare 1.8 release
2003-07-30 robertkeep up with EarlyBlue/Classic; bump skinVersion to...
2002-11-01 robertkeeping up with classic development
2002-10-03 robertkeeping up with Classic, make text/icons configurable...
2002-03-30 robertbig tree->listbox/outliner; outliner-> update
2002-03-21 robertkeeping up with classic; make labels do better & clean...
2002-02-20 robertupdate LCARStrek to recent changes
2002-02-14 robertrewrite of LCARStrek for 0.9.8(+): big moving around...
2001-12-10 robertadding files again in right directories