make textbox highlight work without the regiurement of transparent border colors...
[themes.git] / EarlyBlue /
2008-02-09 Robert Kaisermake textbox highlight work without the regiurement...
2008-02-08 Robert Kaisereven better feed icons
2008-02-07 Robert Kaiserfeed detection and some other trunk work
2008-01-31 Robert Kaiserupdate to current trunk
2008-01-12 Robert Kaiserupdate EarlyBlue to trunk
2008-01-03 Robert Kaiserimprove naming of column icons, introduce not-quite...
2007-11-10 Robert Kaisermake dropmarker never inherit an image region
2007-11-10 Robert Kaiserupdate EarlyBlue to current trunk
2007-09-02 Robert Kaiserupdate with current trunk work
2007-08-03 Robert Kaiserkeep up with Classic/*stripe development
2007-06-15 Robert Kaiserupdate preview with a real suiterunner EarlyBlue shot...
2007-06-09 Robert Kaiserfix bookmark icons to not be extended to 16px if not...
2007-06-09 Robert Kaiserkeep up with trunk development of Classic
2007-06-08 Robert Kaisersync EarlyBlue mozapps with *stripe
2007-06-07 Robert Kaisermake grippytoolbar work on trunk EarlyBlue
2007-06-01 Robert Kaiseradd new-help theming to EarlyBlue
2007-05-25 Robert Kaisersynching EarlyBlue with trunk *stripe, rest of global...
2007-05-22 Robert Kaiserfirst steps on synching EarlyBlue with trunk *stripe...
2007-05-22 Robert Kaiserpreliminary work for getting themes ready for suiterunn...
2007-01-12 robertkeep up with trunk development
2006-10-08 robertsome small adjustments to make it work better
2006-10-08 robertupdate EarlyBlue to trunk
2006-10-08 robertsync trunk and branch
2006-10-08 robertadd about:config styling
2006-08-19 robertsome cosmetic changes, update themes for trunk version...
2006-08-10 robertbump version to 1.8.1 for branch
2006-08-10 robertbumb version to 1.8.1 for branch
2006-08-10 robertkeep up with 1.8 branch Classic changes
2006-01-28 robertfix compact manulist
2006-01-28 robertsync with classic development and prepare 1.8 release
2005-08-16 robertmake image indexed to save space
2005-08-16 robertkeep a single scrollbar file for all platforms and...
2005-08-16 robertkeep up with Classic changes
2005-07-30 robertsome adjustments spotted when updateing LCARStrek
2005-07-30 robertkeep up with SeaMonkey Classic changes done in the...
2005-02-12 robertfix bug 107 - no sort up or down arow in (mail) tree...
2005-02-12 robertkeep up with Classic development
2004-11-26 robertprepare for 1.8a release
2004-11-21 robertsync with Classic in preparation for a 1.8a release
2004-07-17 robertforgot this change to radio
2004-07-08 robertonly support about:plugins in new location after 1...
2004-07-08 robertprepare 1.7 release
2004-07-08 robertupdate with classic theme development, keep about:plugi...
2004-01-22 robertsome fixes to chatzilla that went in during work on...
2004-01-22 robertupdate chatzilla skinto Mozilla 1.6 version
2004-01-05 robertprepare for 1.6 release
2004-01-02 robertkeep up with Classic develpoment
2003-11-23 robertkeep up with Classic development
2003-10-13 robertupdating firebird support to trunk
2003-10-06 robertlatest updates from Classic, development, working towar...
2003-08-27 robertkeep up eith Classic
2003-07-30 robertkeep up with Classic; bump skinVersion to 1.5 and Early...
2003-06-01 robertupgrade EarlyBlue version to 1.4
2003-05-31 robertkeep up with Classic development
2003-05-31 robertupdate EarlyBlue for MozillaFirebird 0.6
2003-04-18 robertsome tweaks to improve EarlybLue even more
2003-04-17 robertkeep up with Classic trunk development
2003-03-22 robertupdating contents.rdf for EarlyBlue 1.3 EarlyBlue13
2003-03-22 robertsmall fixes for EarlyBlue 1.3
2003-03-22 robertI hope phoenix does work that way
2003-02-11 robertchanging contents.rdf for EarlyBlue 1.3 Beta release
2003-02-01 robertcorrecting some small errors
2003-02-01 robertkeep up with Classic development
2003-01-21 robertkeeping up with Classic
2003-01-14 robertadd navigation buttons, as well as downloads, history...
2003-01-14 robertmove our gifs to icons directory to look better organized
2003-01-14 robertsome first files of phoenix theme, more gifs and CSS...
2003-01-14 robertkeeping up with Classic development, removing padding...
2002-11-30 robertkeeping up with Classic trunk
2002-11-02 robertupdate preivew and make inspector better EarlyBlue12
2002-11-01 robertfix some icon sizes
2002-11-01 robertadding inspector component, currently same as classic
2002-11-01 robertkeeping up with classic development
2002-10-03 robertbetter fix developed while applying fixes to LCARStrek
2002-10-03 robertkeeping up with Classic, make text/icons configurable...
2002-09-22 robertkeeping up with Classic, add abut:plugins styling
2002-09-16 robertkepping up with Classic, turning skinVersion to 1.2
2002-08-27 robertlast minor changes to EarlyBlue 1.1 EarlyBlue11
2002-08-19 robertkeeping up with Classic trunk
2002-08-01 robertkeeping up with Classic development
2002-06-21 robertchanging to 1.0 version number LCARStrek10
2002-06-21 robertsome small twaeks to get 1.0 being really good
2002-06-21 robertkeeping up with classic trunk changes, resizing tab...
2002-05-20 robertlast changes for RC2 EarlyBlue10rc2
2002-04-27 robertsome nitpicking changes to finalize EarlyBlue 0.9
2002-04-24 robertkeeping up with Classic, making textboxes size and...
2002-04-05 roberthideheader was missing, that was the real problem in...
2002-04-04 robertadding chatzilla, adding menu icons for components...
2002-03-30 robertsome fallout of LCARStrek changes
2002-03-30 robertbig tree->listbox/outliner; outliner-> update
2002-03-27 robertkeeping up with classic and new features
2002-03-22 robertremove forms stuff, all of mozilla relies on this via...
2002-03-21 robertoops, forgot an image; some beauty corrections
2002-03-21 robertkeeping up with classic; make labels do better & clean...
2002-03-13 roberttweak EarlyBlue full screen support a bit
2002-03-13 robertkeep up with current classic developement, make full...
2002-03-13 robertkeep up with current classic developement, make full...
2002-03-06 robertSome updates of the last days, following classic develo...
2002-02-20 robertupdate EarlyBlue to recent changes
2002-02-20 robertupdate EarlyBlue to recent changes