atart 2.0a2 development cycle
[themes.git] / EarlyBlue / install.rdf
2009-07-22 Robert Kaiseratart 2.0a2 development cycle
2009-07-19 Robert Kaiserupdate versions for 2.0b1 releases EarlyBlue-2.0b1 LCARStrek-2.0b1
2009-03-11 Robert Kaiserstart 2.0b1 dev cycle
2009-03-11 Robert Kaiserchange version number to 2.0a3 for release EarlyBlue-2.0a3 LCARStrek-2.0a3
2009-02-23 Robert Kaisermark compat with b1pre
2008-12-23 Robert Kaiserstart EarlyBlue 2.0a3pre cycle
2008-12-23 Robert Kaiserrelease this state as EarlyBlue 2.0a2 EarlyBlue-2.0a2
2008-12-03 Robert Kaiserallow SM 2.0a3pre
2008-10-20 Robert Kaiserbump theme versions to 2.0a2pre
2008-09-23 Robert Kaiserchange name and version(s) for 2.0a1 release; create...
2007-05-22 Robert Kaiserpreliminary work for getting themes ready for suiterunn...
2006-08-19 robertsome cosmetic changes, update themes for trunk version...
2006-08-10 robertbump version to 1.8.1 for branch