first part of sync for both themes for toolkit winstripe changes in Mozilla 16 cycle
[themes.git] / EarlyBlue / global / arrow /
2012-09-02 Robert Kaiserfirst part of sync for both themes for toolkit winstrip...
2011-02-19 Robert Kaisersome image updates snd slight corrections for add-on...
2010-11-14 Robert Kaiserupdate both themes to state of toolkit winstripe trunk...
2010-07-11 Robert Kaiserimprove tab strip styling slightly
2003-03-22 robertsmall fixes for EarlyBlue 1.3
2002-03-21 robertoops, forgot an image; some beauty corrections
2002-02-20 robertupdate EarlyBlue to recent changes
2002-01-24 robertupdating EarlyBlue skin; should almost be 0.8 now ;-)