sync both themes with suite classic theme changes in SeaMonkey 2.46/2.47 cycles
[themes.git] / EarlyBlue / communicator / search / search.css
2013-08-08 Robert Kaisersync both themes with suite classic changes in SeaMonke...
2012-07-22 Robert Kaiserrelicense to MPL2
2010-11-14 Robert Kaiserupdate both themes to state of suite default trunk...
2004-11-21 robertsync with Classic in preparation for a 1.8a release
2002-03-30 robertbig tree->listbox/outliner; outliner-> update
2002-03-27 robertkeeping up with classic and new features
2001-12-10 robertremoving useless directories, moving contents.rdf and... EarlyBlue07