make textbox highlight work without the regiurement of transparent border colors...
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2007-11-10 Robert Kaiserupdate EarlyBlue to current trunk
2007-08-03 Robert Kaiserkeep up with Classic/*stripe development
2007-06-08 Robert Kaisersync EarlyBlue mozapps with *stripe
2007-06-01 Robert Kaiseradd new-help theming to EarlyBlue
2007-01-12 robertkeep up with trunk development
2006-01-28 robertsync with classic development and prepare 1.8 release
2005-08-16 robertkeep up with Classic changes
2004-07-08 robertupdate with classic theme development, keep about:plugi...
2003-11-23 robertkeep up with Classic development
2003-05-31 robertkeep up with Classic development
2002-03-06 robertSome updates of the last days, following classic develo...
2002-02-20 robertupdate EarlyBlue to recent changes
2002-01-24 robertupdating EarlyBlue skin; should almost be 0.8 now ;-)