KaiRo's Slides

Robert Kaiser has been giving a few talks on Mozilla and similar topics, the slides used there are available from this page in reverse chronological order. All those slides are written in HTML and should be visible and usable in a browser, but have only been tested in Firefox / SeaMonkey browsers.

Event Title / Slide Set Language More
FOSDEM 2015 Firefos OS Tricorder - Reading device sensor data in JavaScript English video
Linuxwochen 2014 Firefox OS: Das Web als Betriebssystem German/Deutsch
MaKey MaKey - "Tastatur"-Kreativit├Ąt German/Deutsch
FOSDEM 2014 Developing Webapps for Firefox OS - The Efficient & Simplistic Approach (with Sayak Sarkar) English video
FirefoxOS DevTreff Austria Firefox OS: Reasons, Status & Plans English
Linuxwochen 2013 Mozilla - Das Web ist die Plattform German/Deutsch
MaKey MaKey - "Tastatur"-Kreativit├Ąt German/Deutsch
FOSDEM 2013 Improving Stability of Mozilla Products English video
Mozilla Brown Bag, 2012 The Life Cycle of a Firefox Crash English video
FOSDEM 2012 CSI:Mozilla - Crash Scene Investigations English
EU MozCamp 2011, Berlin CSI:Mozilla - Crash Scene Investigations English
Linuxwochen 2011 CSI:Mozilla - Den Bugs auf der Spur German/Deutsch
FOSDEM 2011 In-Tab UI English
SeaMonkey Developer Meeting 2010 SeaMonkey Future English
German Community Meeting 2010 SeaMonkey 2.1 und DACH German/Deutsch
Linuxwochen 2010 Mozilla ist mehr als Firefox German/Deutsch
EU MozCamp 2009, Prague SeaMonkey 2.0 – A Show-Off English
UBIT Wien - IT Extrazimmer, 01.07.2009 Open-Source-Projektmanagement German/Deutsch report
Linuxwochen 2009 Das offene Internet und Mozilla German/Deutsch
MAOW Berlin 2009 Das Mozilla-Build-System German/Deutsch
Firefox- und Thunderbird-Erweiterungen in SeaMonkey 2 funktionsfähig machen German/Deutsch
FOSDEM 2009 SeaMonkey 2 & The Vision Beyond English
Mozilla Brown Bag, April 7, 2008 And the beast shall come forth... - Community Project Organization and SeaMonkey 2 English
FOSDEM 2007 SeaMonkey - Reviving the Suite English
FOSDEM 2006 The SeaMonkey Project English
FOSDEM 2005 Mozilla Localization (L10n) - A Year Of Change English
FOSDEM 2004 Mozilla Localization (L10n) Status Update English
FOSDEM 2003 Localization (L10n): Achievements and Future Directions English
FOSDEM 2002 Outliner of the "chrome" talk English