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How Your Data Helps to Improve Firefox

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How Your Data Helps to Improve Firefox

Sending crash reports (and other info) pays off!

Robert Kaiser, "KaiRo" <>
Program Manager, Mozilla QA


Let's talk about Data

Data & Mister Tricorder

Data Privacy


  1. No surprises
  2. User control
  3. Limited data
  4. Sensible settings
  5. Defense in depth

Data Collection

Crash Analysis

Finding new and rising crashes

Analyze crash data to help developers to debug and fix crash issues

Only voluntarily submitted crashes


Anonymized data from very specific probes, e.g. startup time, crashes experienced, number of bookmarks, etc.

Environment, e.g. OS, graphics hardware and drivers, add-ons, etc.

2 sets of data: base (formerly FHR) + extended

Telemetry: Examples

Telemetry Experiments

On pre-release channels, A/B test shipped to specific set/percentage of users, control plus experiment groups

Examples: e10s (right now), default search (late 2014)

UI Telemetry

Telemetry about usage of UI elements

Example: items in toolbar vs. menu panel vs. customize mode

Android: initial findings, url suggestions

Website A/B Testing

On Mozilla websites, classic A/B testing is being done.

Examples: Fundraising, many others

User Studies

Focused studies done at times,
with more invasive telemetry,
small set of users included
are informed and compensated.


Data & Mister Tricorder