MLP - The Mozilla L10n Project

The Mozilla Localization Project (MLP), hosted on, "tries to help and ease the availability of products toward different world cultures and languages through the support of the open source community."

The main goal is to encourage people to contribute localizations, make them available to users, and provide communication channels for the contributors (we have the n.p.m.l10n newsgroup, an own product at Bugzilla, and the IRC Channel #mozl10n as the most important resources for that).
The second important goal is to make and keep the software localizable. Again, Bugzilla is a great help there (the best tool for bugging developers - I guess that's where the name comes from). More about that later.

Localization projects

All Mozilla L10n projects are volunteer efforts by relatively small groups of people or single persons.
The MLP web pages contain lists of all registered L10n projects and their major contributors, as well as their available builds. Currently, projects are listed for Seamonkey as well as Firefox and Thunderbird.
Seamonkey counts 100 L10n projects, Firefox has 39 and Thunderbird 22 listed (as of 2004-02-19). Not all of them have a current build though. Mozilla 1.6 is available in 26 languages (plus en-US) to this date, Firefox 0.8 was translated to 12 languages in the less than two weeks since its release, Thunderbird 0.5 got up to 10 localizations in the same time. We can expect those three numbers to still grow a bit, as we had 37 languages for Mozilla 1.5[.1], 24 for Firebird 0.7[.1], and 13 for Thunderbird 0.4.

All packs and builds (sometimes a bit delayed though) available at (older builds are on