translating with MozillaTranslator

MozillaTranslator ( is a L10n tool created by a Mozilla L10n contributor, Henrik Lynggaard, from Denmark.
The tool is a Java application, version 5 and up need at least Sun JRE 1.4.x to run.
Sometimes it's a bit hard to configure, but once set up it's nice and easy to maintain the L10n. It reads the files directly from the .jar, and is able to detect just the changes since the last update, so you only have to look at the really changed texts. It can export .jar files again, and even create ready-to-install XPI files. It's also capable of maintaining multiple products within one MozillaTranslator installation.

Example window: updating a product (yes, that's Mozilla calendar)

MozillaTranslator 5.02 update view

Example window: chrome view of a file (openLocation.dtd)

MozillaTranslator 5.02 chrome view