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6 <title>And the beast shall come forth... - Web Discrimination</title>
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28<h1>Web Discrimination</h1>
30<div class="simplebox">
32 <li>Days of "only works with MSIE 4+ or Netscape 4+" are mostly over</li>
33 <li>Nowadays it's "<span class="hilite">only works with MSIE 6+ or Firefox 1.5+</span>"</li>
34 <li>Most such sites work fine with Gecko itself, but not with non-FF UAs</li>
35 <li>This is <span class="hilite">not</span> about some obscure tech religious stuff</li>
36 <li><span class="hilite">Discriminating against clients</span>, limiting choice on the browser market</li>
37 <li>We'd like sites to Just Work with all standards based browsers</li>
38 <li>Need to work with mozilla.org on <span class="hilite">educating web developers</span></li>
39 <li><span class="hilite">Never completely shut out</span> unknown browsers</li>
40 <li>Maybe display warning page and let users continue</li>
41 <li>Idea: <span class="hilite">extension for FF, etc.</span> that warns people about discriminating sites</li>
42 <ul>
43 <li>Maybe doing <a href="http://wiki.mozilla.org/User:KaiRo:Dynamic_UA_Spoofing_Mechanism">transparent
44 but automatic UA-spoofing</a> as needed</li>
45 <li>Hooks for "tech evang" / <span class="hilite">anti-discrimination</span> activites</li>
46 <li>Would perfectly follow the <span class="hilite">Mozilla Manifesto</span> -
47 maybe something for Mozilla Labs?</li>
48 </ul>
49 </li>