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6 <title>The SeaMonkey Project - FOSDEM 2006 - Mozilla Meeting</title>
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18<h1>The SeaMonkey Project</h1>
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c4bc2834 21This presentation provides a rough overview of
479c4923 22<ul>
23 <li>history - how the SeaMonkey Project came into place,</li>
24 <li>the current state of the project and the suite code,</li>
25 <li>and the current plans for SeaMonkey's future.</li>
27I hope there will be enough time left for discussion of this between slides and
28after the presentation.
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32<p class="sampledesc">Speaker: Robert Kaiser &lt;;</p>
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34<ul class="small">
35 <li>Living in Steyr, Upper Austria, and attending Vienna University to become
36 a Chemistry and Physics teacher</li>
37 <li>Leading his own one-man-business in the IT services area since January 2006
38 (<a href=""></a>)</li>
39 <li>Known as "KaiRo" on IRC</li>
40 <li>Member of the <a href="">SeaMonkey</a>
41 project management team
42 (&quot;<a href="">SeaMonkey
43 Council</a>&quot;)</li>
44 <li>Head of MLP staff (<a href="">Mozilla
45 Localization Project</a>)</li>
46 <li>Maintainer of the SeaMonkey/Mozilla German Project
47 (<a href=""></a>) since
48 late 1999, first German Mozilla version was M12, released at 2000-01-01.
49 </li>
50 <li>Creator of <a href="">EarlyBlue and
51 LCARStrek themes</a></li>
52 <li>Contributing some smaller patches to the codebase, most of
53 them in UI and L10n areas, as well as SeaMonkey infrastructure.</li>
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59<p class="sampledesc">The slides</p>
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61This presentation was created for the
62<a href="">European Mozilla
63Developer Meeting 2006</a> at <a href="">FOSDEM</a> in
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c4bc2834 77<br>All slides and images &copy; 02/2006 Robert Kaiser and The SeaMonkey Project.
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