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19<h1>diff -D 02/2003 -D 02/2004 mozilla-l10n</h1>
21<div class="explanation">
22<pre>--- mozilla-l10n 2003-02-FOSDEM
23+++ mozilla-l10n 2004-02-FOSDEM
24@@ -a,b +x,y @@</pre>
25Well, let's make it a small bit less geeky ;-). So what has happened in the last year of Mozilla L10n?
27 <li class="minus"><b>big manual localeVersion change patches</b>: locale packs from different Mozilla versions are incompatible because of
28 changed, added or removed texts in the UI. To avoid crashes or other side-effects, we have internal
29 versioning of locale in chrome registry, fed into it by contents.rdf files.
30 <br>Those were <span class="hilite">previously hardcoded</span> and I did big manual patches to change them. After I found a way to
31 insert the versions at build-time and patched the whole tree to do that using the C preprocessor
32 (<a href="">bug 154927</a>),
33 I was told we should use the <span class="hilite">XUL preprocessor</span>. I made that change recently
34 (<a href="">bug 232011</a>)
35 and set tinderboxen on fire (as some of you may remember)...
36 <br>After some help from tinderbox admins and bsmedberg (who had to fix for a bug I triggered),
0437d853 37 we should now have that long-standing bug finally resolved (and themes will follow that way soon -
3288eeda 38 <a href="">bug 234014</a>).
39 <br>BTW, all chrome version strings are now defined in
40 <a href="">mozilla/config/</a>.</li>
41 <li class="minus"><b>XPI error -239</b>: When installing our <span class="hilite">locale XPI files</span>, we often ran into XPInstall
42 error -239 (CHROME_REGISTRY_ERROR), especially on unix machines. This had been happening quite
43 frequently for at least 18 months (<a href="">bug 109044</a>),
44 and noone had an idea why that happened, when it started magically disappearing in some cases last summer.
45 <br>DocWilco then <a href="">filed a patch</a>
46 for a case where he was still seeing (and which was "a tough one to crack"), and we didn't hear a lot about
47 that error again. He also <a href="">improved reporting</a>
48 of what happens when it still hits a -239 in a followup.
49 <br>Another nasty <span class="hilite">problem is history now</span>.</li>
50 <li class="plus"><b>more attention to L10n</b>: Starting with last December, L10n got more attention of
51 staff than in previous times. It all started with a staff meeting on 2003-12-08 (see the
52 <a href="">"minutes" posting</a>):
53 <pre class="border">
54 *Localisation packs*
56- Quarterly/monthly <span class="hilite">IRC meetings</span> for l10n (blizzard, bart)
57- What is our end goal for internationalization?
58- <span class="hilite">Goal: 5 or 6 languages we ship pretty regularly</span>, of reasonable to good
59 quality
60- Start incrementally
62- Agreed: <span class="hilite">translations need to be in CVS</span>; too separated from release
63 process
65- chofmann to write a message to l10n newsgroup:
66 - 1) Tell people how to nominate bugs to drivers
67 - 2) Mention monthly IRC chat, hosted by chofmann
68 (gerv query: what time to have this? Hard to pick one which is
69 good for everyone, because of timezone issues)
70 - 3) If you have a localised version ready 1 week after 1.6, let us
71 know now (or then) and we'll try and get it on the CD.
72 - 4) There will be a <span class="hilite">string freeze after beta</span> - it's a done deal
73 - 5) We want your localisation by 1 week after our planned release
74 date (But CD gets burned 2 days before we release)
76- We need a simple post-freeze string change process - Bugzilla keyword,
77 post to newsgroup etc.</pre>
78 The first L10n IRC meeting was on 2003-12-15, The 1.6 CD shipped with a few important / finished-in-time
79 localization XPI packs, we're still hoping further actions will happen. The first string freeze (1.7b -> 1.7)
80 is still to happen, and getting translations into CVS is actually a quite old bug report,
81 <a href="">bug 57878</a> that still doesn't have much attention, as well as the one for
82 getting German L10n into CVS (<a href="">bug 179949</a>).
83 <br>Let's hope the positive movement of December can be carried on into the future.</li>
84 <li class="plus"><b>Mozilla Europe</b>: Just last week, the <a href="">Mozilla Foundation Europe</a>
85 has been launched, having a <span class="hilite">multi-language web site</span>, and that probably will
86 <span class="hilite">attract even more users</span> to localized versions of Mozilla and its derivates.
87 <br>We'll see what this means to our L10n projects...</li>
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