remove a lot of error suppression in favor of ?? in various utility classes
[php-utility-classes.git] / tests /
2020-05-17 Robert Kaiseradd some current KaiOS and Firefox UA strings
2018-01-25 Robert Kaiseradd MJ12bot to tests
2017-12-30 Robert Kaiseradd DomainCrawler to test list
2017-12-14 Robert Kaiseradd SemrushBot
2016-11-30 Robert KaiserKaiRo bug 401 - Convert UA tests to using ExtendedDocum...
2016-11-29 Robert Kaiserput clear MPL2 license headers on all files
2016-11-29 Robert Kaiserre-add the CSS file and rework the UA tests not to...
2016-11-28 Robert Kaisermove the files needed for the new php-utility-classes...