convert hirsch RRD stats to git repo
[php-utility-classes.git] / testbed /
2009-03-25 Web-User (Apache... convert hirsch RRD stats to git repo
2008-09-09 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of inode:/srv/git/git-kairo
2008-09-03 Robert Kaiseradd Google's Chrome browser UA
2008-04-03 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'origin' of hirsch
2007-12-29 Robert Kaiserdetect microB
2007-10-01 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of inode:/srv/git/git-kairo
2007-10-01 Robert Kaiserdeal with Gecko identifiers that include the build...
2007-07-02 Robert Kaiserdeal with Firefox spoofing and detect Minimo, Minefield...
2007-06-24 Robert Kaiseradd Safari for Windows, better Safari detection, more...
2007-06-18 Robert Kaiseradd another intersting URL for UA strings
2007-06-02 Robert Kaiseradd machine-specific RRD config files and make them...
2007-06-01 Robert Kaiserupdate rrd config for new sensors
2007-05-19 Robert Kaisermake rrdstat a symlink in testbed
2007-05-19 Robert Kaiserimprove automatic detection of UAs a bit, remove a...
2007-05-04 Robert Kaiseradd more .gitignore files so that we only track what...
2007-05-04 robertcurrent testbed version as of may 2007
2005-11-13 robertupdate testbed
2003-12-15 robertadd bot detection
2003-07-31 robertdon't use variables directly, use new getBrand and...
2003-07-29 robertmore abstraction, sync gallery with JVP
2003-07-18 robertuse wrapper as an object
2003-02-13 robertadding wahl-mandatsberechnung, ua test