2012-09-07 Robert Kaiseradd a media query for smaller screens, as a test
2012-05-24 Robert Kaiserremove installs_allowed_from as it defaults to * and...
2012-03-31 Robert Kaiserswitch host name of Mozilla Marketplace
2012-01-19 Robert Kaiserrelicense lantea and mandelbrot to MPL2
2011-12-19 Robert Kaisergive mandelbrot a tab icon as well
2011-12-18 Robert Kaisercorrect licenses, small changes to make disabling back...
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiserenable zooming in mandelbrot app and add a few other...
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiserput correct sites into app manifests
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiserfix app manifests
2011-12-18 Robert Kaiseradd lantea and mandelbrot apps
2008-04-03 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'origin' of hirsch