update package dependency versions
[authserver.git] / etc /
2020-10-07 Robert Kaiserswitch vhost template to matomo as well
2020-10-07 Robert Kaisermore switching of paths to matomo
2020-10-07 Robert Kaiserswitch path to matomo
2017-01-20 Robert Kaiserupdate L10n for the skin/branding changes, make default...
2017-01-20 Robert KaiserKaiRo bug 375 - Make branding a configuration option
2016-12-15 Robert Kaisermove settings sanitation to utils, move whitelist for...
2016-12-15 Robert Kaisermerge DB config into normal settings - this is another...
2016-12-15 Robert KaiserKaiRo bug 414 - Document setup and installation