log failures and some other actions
[authserver.git] / authsystem.inc.php
2016-10-27 Robert Kaiserlog failures and some other actions
2016-10-26 Robert Kaiseractually use the on-disk site-specific nonce to 'pepper...
2016-10-26 Robert Kaiserconvert AuthUtils to a non-static class and instantiate...
2016-10-26 Robert Kaisermove password functions into utils class
2016-10-26 Robert Kaisermove helper functions to an abstract class
2016-10-24 Robert Kaisermake creating users and verifying emails actually work
2016-10-24 Robert Kaiserrequire JS, set cookies, make parts of login flow work
2016-10-23 Robert Kaisersome steps to get an actual authentication going, conso...