just drop the current variant of this into the repo, still doesn't work as expected
[aboutcrashes.git] / README
1This web app, intended for testers, makes crash reports submitted by a Firefox
2OS device accessible.
4This app is destined to be listed in the Firefox Marketplace,
5but not developed far enough yet.
7The main repo is http://git-public.kairo.at/?p=aboutcrashes.git;a=summary but
8it's listed on GitHub at https://github.com/KaiRo-at/aboutcrashes for
9convenience for potential contributors. See the TODO for tasks that you can help
12Please don't use GitHub for issue tracking but http://bugzilla.kairo.at/
16<KaiRo> is there any way to do rapid development on something that needs to be a certified app?
17<KaiRo> if I need to package and sign stuff for every typo or other step in development, that really sucks
18<fabrice> you don't
19<fabrice> KaiRo: use https://github.com/fabricedesre/b2gremote to push your certified package to the phone
20<KaiRo> fabrice: still needs me to package stuff up every time?
21* KaiRo misses the old Developer Mode
22<fabrice> KaiRo: for now yes
23<KaiRo> as insecure as it was
24<KaiRo> fabrice: grr
25<fabrice> KaiRo: or, you can just host it
26<KaiRo> fabrice: I'd really like to have it as a "hosted app" (actually, on a host in the local wifi) but with device-storage:apps permission if possible (while developing)
27<fabrice> KaiRo: that's possible: just set "type": "certified" in your manifest.webapp
28<KaiRo> fabrice: but thanks for showing me this way at least, maybe I'll try it
29<KaiRo> fabrice: ah, that sounds interesting
30<fabrice> KaiRo: that gives you what the old dev-mode had
31<KaiRo> fabrice: and then I need to push that with your add-on?
32<fabrice> yep
33<KaiRo> ok, that's good, I can work with that fine :)
34<fabrice> point to the directory where there's you manifest.webapp and the metadata.json
35<KaiRo> metadata.json?
36<fabrice> KaiRo: the metadata.json looks like:
37<fabrice> {
38<fabrice> "origin": "https://mobile.twitter.com",
39<fabrice> "manifestURL": "https://mobile.twitter.com/cache/twitter.webapp"
40<fabrice> }
41<KaiRo> fabrice: thanks, I'll look into that, sounds helpful
42<fabrice> KaiRo: let me know if you run into any issues