descriptionLantea Maps web app - display maps and record (GPS) tracks
ownerRobert Kaiser
last changeFri, 7 Nov 2014 02:52:50 +0000 (03:52 +0100)
2014-11-07 Robert Kaisermake segments be separate lines without connections... master production
2014-11-07 Robert Kaiserdo not count segment jumps in track length and duration
2014-11-03 Robert Kaiserlimit the length of track sections to paint at once...
2014-09-12 Robert Kaisermake sure the text field for the upload name doesn...
2014-09-12 Robert Kaisertry saving power by only drawing when we are actually...
2014-08-18 Robert Kaiserbump appcache to pick up recent JS changes
2014-08-18 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of
2014-08-18 Robert KaiserMerge pull request #1 from alpha-ninja/patch-1
2014-08-04 alpha-ninjaDistribute load evenly
2014-07-03 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of linz:/srv/git/lantea
2014-06-29 Robert KaiserTry to handle GL context losses
2014-05-23 Robert KaiserMerge branch 'master' of linz:/srv/git/lantea
2014-05-14 Robert Kaiserbump appcache to pick up recent JS change
2014-05-12 Robert Kaiserwork around Mozilla bug 1001853 with a slight delay...
2014-04-26 Robert Kaiserfix a warning about an uninitialized var and let it...
2014-04-26 Robert Kaiseradd more debug comments around image loading
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